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Flo-Dar Inc

About Us in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey

Flo-Dar, Inc. was started in 1951 by Martin Flohs (Flo-) and Jack Darrin (-Dar). It was the perfect partnership between two men. Martin was a 21-year-old craftsman and Jack (twice his age) was a contractor and the former building inspector for Old Bridge Township. Jack Darrin retired in 1969 and Martin Flohs bought his interest in the company.
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A Bit about Our History

Flo-Dar, Inc. built a strong customer base and Martin Flohs' business continued to prosper. In the 1980s, while business was booming, Martin brought his four sons into this business one by one and taught them everything they needed to know about Flo-Dar, Inc. He showed them the craftsmanship of fabricating cabinetry and countertops, the skill of installations, and to never lose sight of pleasing our customers. In 1989, he died from cancer and his sons carry on this tradition today.

Throughout the Years

Advances in technology have changed the way kitchens and bathrooms are built from the way it was done years ago with hand drawn layouts to the new computer designing software and from the hammer, miter box, hand saw, and nails to cordless screw guns, cordless saws, and pneumatic air guns that make jobs run quicker and smoother and with more precision than ever.
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Changes may have occurred in technology, but our family business still continues to provide old-fashioned, quality design and installation services, just as our father and his partner did before us. We invite you to experience the joy of dreaming of your new kitchen, bathroom, or other room (den, living room, or home office) and seeing it become a reality.
From two partners and a dream to a second generation specializing in kitchen and bathroom design and installations, Flo-Dar, Inc. is celebrating its 63rd year of excellence.
About the brothers: We all grew up in Cliffwood Beach and graduated from Cedar Ridge High School. We worked summers during high school learning the trade. After graduation, each of us worked full time, learning the basics of the business, customer relations, customer service, custom fabrication, and professional installation on which our father built Flo-Dar, Inc.'s business and reputation.
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Now, in our 63rd year of business, we have always carried on the values instilled by our father. Flo-Dar, Inc. continues today with the same work ethics that started in 1951 which has always been to give our best efforts for our customers and the very best design solutions for your kitchen or bathroom, and other room projects, superior products, the quality and the precision of experienced installers, and our exclusive project management that exceeds your greatest expectations.
Forty-eight years old Martin (at left above) is President, and has 30 years of experience. He's involved in both computerized design and sales. Forty-six years old Wayne (2nd from left) is our head installer. With 28 years of experience, he specializes in counter tops and solid surface fabrication. George, our vice-president at 42 years of age (3rd from left), has 24 years of experience, and is also involved with computerized design and sales. And 40-year old Carl (right) is also a head installer while serving as company secretary. Carl's been with us for 22 years. We will continue to carry the values of Flo-Dar, Inc. and of our father in the hopes that our sons and daughters will one day continue the 3rd generation of Flo-Dar Inc.
We strive to design each kitchen, bath or other room project to meet each customer's individual needs. We are brothers, family, business associates, and most importantly, friends, bringing our experience together as one to make each customer's dream a reality.
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