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Flo-Dar Inc

Breathtaking Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

Enhance the look of your home's interior with breathtaking kitchen and bathroom remodeling services provided by the professionals at Flo-Dar, Inc. in Cliffwood Beach, New Jersey. We maintain the same work ethic that the company started with in 1951, which has always been to give our best efforts for our customers and the very best design solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, and other room projects, superior products, the quality and the precision of experienced installers, and our exclusive project management that exceeds your greatest expectations.
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Flo-Dar, Inc. offers a variety of installation services from a straight cabinet installation to a full remodel. For those who want to install their own cabinets or have a contractor who wants to purchase only, we could help you design your kitchen, supply the cabinetry, and deliver the materials to you.

Subcontracted Work

Flo-Dar, Inc. subcontracts work with a "stable" of experienced and licensed plumbers, electricians, and general contractors. They may be needed or required to complete your remodeling job.
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Warrantees & Guarantees

With each job installed, Flo-Dar, Inc. offers a full one-year service warranty on the installation and workmanship at no charge. The product warranty is covered by the manufacturer and is a separate warranty.

Scheduling a Job

Scheduling a job is critical to whether a job goes well or not. We try very hard to keep a tight schedule on each job, which includes a payment schedule, so you will know in advance how much money will be needed and when to move forward with the project.
Flo-Dar, Inc. is not just about kitchen and bath remodeling. Call us today for your other remodeling projects for basements, laundry rooms, and other areas. We also do drywall, crown molding and much more.